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Technology, our way.

We believe in the power of good, solid technology that does what it needs to do without unnecessary complications. Our range of products showcases our commitment to cloud-native development, emphasising ease of use, scalability, and adaptability. From small businesses to larger enterprises, our tools are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Hoverfly Cloud offers a user-friendly platform for API simulations, enhancing efficiency in development and testing processes.

It simplifies the creation of API mocks and simulations, which helps in reducing dependencies and streamlining continuous development. The platform's agility supports quick integration and fosters a cost-effective approach to maintaining complex testing environments.

Ideal for developers and testers, Hoverfly Cloud accelerates development cycles and replicates production environments with ease.

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NAMAA is redefining agriculture with its smart technology platform, designed to empower farmers and land managers.

This intuitive solution integrates advanced features like real-time data analysis and automated operations, offering a seamless approach to managing agricultural activities. NAMAA's innovative system not only streamlines farm management but also promotes sustainable practices, ensuring a harmonious balance between productivity and environmental care.

Ideal for various land sizes, it brings a new level of efficiency and precision to the land management and agricultural sector.


Docs2Data tackles the challenge of processing large volumes of documents from various sources.

Leveraging AI and machine learning, it efficiently processes documents, extracting and integrating essential data into operational systems like ERPs. This innovative solution bypasses traditional template-based methods, allowing for the processing of diverse documents. It significantly reduces human intervention, aiming to automate 80% of document handling.

This approach not only enhances accuracy and speed but also yields impressive ROI, transforming the way businesses handle document processing.


Impression redefines the experience of digital signing with its advanced eSignature solution.

It focuses on delivering convenient, secure, and inclusive signing processes accessible from any device, including smartphones and feature phones. Impression emphasises user experience, allowing businesses to embed signatures seamlessly into their existing processes.

Impression stands out with its socially inclusive approach, robust chain of custody features, and business-friendly pricing, making it an ideal choice for diverse industries seeking to streamline document management and enhance operational efficiency.