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Embracing cloud technology, with a focus on hyperscale computing, has become a crucial aspect of ensuring business success. Hyperscale cloud solutions offer the transformative power to streamline operations, enhance flexibility, and drive innovation at a massive scale.

Step into the future with iOCO by your side, and experience the transformative power of our advanced cloud solutions.

Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

Security and compliance assurance

Safeguard your business with robust security features and a comprehensive suite of compliance certifications. Our global cloud offering is designed to meet the stringent data protection and compliance requirements of local regions.

A one-stop solution

With strong experience in cloud solutions, iOCO is able to guide organizations at every stage of their cloud journey, from strategy, innovation, optimization and implementation, to ongoing management.

Scalability and reliability

Experience cloud solutions that effortlessly scale for international operations. Our multi-region deployments ensure high performance and availability across borders, while streamlined resource management optimises efficiency.

Core services

Platforms. Hyperscalers. Software.

Technology partners

We collaborate with the very best in cloud technologies to ensure our clients have access to best-in-class solutions, seamless integrations, access to expertise and security assurance.