Automate your business. Accelerate transformation.


Intelligent Automation is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make better decisions. We can help give you an enormous edge by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), process automation and machine learning (ML) to automate tasks that were once performed by humans, freeing up your employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

Enhance agility and scalability

Future-proof your business and ensure you are agile and responsive to change by automating your processes and enabling your business to quickly adapt to new market conditions and customer demands.

Unprecedented productivity

Reimagine your workflow and watch efficiency soar while reducing costs. AI-powered automation transcends industries, delivering tangible results from agriculture through to pharmaceuticals.

Enhanced customer service

Enhance customer service by improving accuracy and quality through reduction of human error, all while freeing up employees to focus on high-value, intellectually stimulating work.

Key features

Our Centre Of Excellence

Outsourced Automation

Every department has unique needs, requiring a variety of applications to streamline their operations and help them meet objectives.

A process automation strategy can act as an interface and offer connectivity between the disparate systems and applications of the various teams and departments in the organisation.

iOCO’s Automation Centre of Excellence (ACoC) brings together the people, processes, and technology necessary to maximise the benefits of automation.

Highly beneficial to the bottom line, iOCO’s outsourced ACoE offering provides exactly what your organisation needs to accelerate projects that increase revenue, serve customers more effectively, and save on costs.