Solve the document dilemma


iOCO has created a solution that uses intelligent automation to process documents from multiple sources. Docs2Data frees up expensive human resources by eliminating hours of drudge work, improving accuracy, and getting the job done much quicker through Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).


Scale your document review capability to cover massive datasets


Rapidly make strategic decisions from key information hidden in your documents


Manage inherent in having sensitive and regulated information dispersed across the organisation

Turning your documents into organised, structured data, ready for use

How it works

It’s relatively easy to automate the processing of some documents, like identity documents, which are reliably standard, using templates. But others, such as payslips and bank statements, are varied, making a template approach counter-productive. Some companies have attempted to overcome the problem by creating elaborate digital platforms on which they try to get customers to input the information, but these are not very user-friendly. In addition, legal requirements often require `wet’ signatures, so official documents have to be uploaded anyway.
Docs2Data eliminates the template-based approach, allowing for any document to be processed. Docs2Data uses the latest document scanning, document understanding, and AI technology to accurately read documents and extract structured data ready for processing, with business-driven rules allowing a human to review and manage results or exceptions, which can be fed back into Docs2Data to learn from.

Intelligent automation tools like RPA, machine learning and other technologies allow Docs2Data to process documents rapidly using your company’s business rules, and then post the information into the operational database system, whether that is an ERP system, accounting package, workflow or any other system. Initially built for South African use cases and documents, Docs2Data specialises in using local data dictionaries and being fully compliant with data protection laws, backed by world class technology and skills.

A smart solution

Guy at screens

If your business processes hundreds, or even thousands, of documents on a regular basis, you know that the cost of manually reviewing each of these quickly adds up. The outlay isn’t just limited to staff salaries, but also includes the cost of delays in operational pipelines and many other factors that threaten a positive customer experience.

Docs2Data will not only help your organisation save money while improving service delivery, it is an extremely cost-effective intelligent automation solution. Built on the AWS cloud platform, Docs2Data is available as a service (SaaS) or a tailored implementation designed to meet your specific business needs.

Revolutionise document review

Docs2Data has been designed to deal with modern data volumes and complexity, offering return on investment in just three months. Other benefits include:

Offering unrivalled speed, accuracy and scalability, Docs2Data will help usher in a new era of document review. 

Need help automating your document review process? iOCO can tailor a Docs2Data solution to meet your needs.