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Technology partners

iOCO only collaborates with technology partners that we are confident will ensure our clients have access to best-in-class solutions, seamless integrations, access to expertise and security assurance.


Amazon Web Services

iOCO is an AWS Advanced Services Partner. We provide an extensive AWS customer life-cycle engagement for clients, offering a fully managed service while applying the AWS Well Architected Framework to their cloud ecosystem.



iOCO is a Platinum Partner with OpenText. We integrate their sophisticated data management into our quality assurance processes. This partnership enhances our ability to offer streamlined, compliant solutions, elevating the standard of service we provide to our clients.



iOCO is a member of Google Cloud Partner Advantage, as a Google Cloud and Google Workspace Partner. We have deep skills in the design, implementation, application modernisation, management and support of the Google Cloud Platform, giving organisations everything they need to unlock full cloud computing.



CloudBolt, The Cloud ROI Company™, addresses a core challenge in cloud computing by solving ROI across diverse cloud resources. Augmented FinOps capabilities, powered by AI/ML and enhanced by intelligent automation, empower organisations to achieve complete cloud lifecycle optimisation.



As a partner of Orca Security, iOCO integrates their sophisticated cloud security platform into our cybersecurity strategy. Orca's expertise in risk management, vulnerability assessment, and identity access management aligns with our commitment to delivering robust and efficient cloud security solutions.



Kubernetes is an open-source platform designed for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications. It provides a framework for running distributed systems resiliently, making it an ideal partner for iOCO in delivering robust and scalable containerised application solutions to our clients.



As a partner of NetApp, iOCO leverages their expertise in intelligent data infrastructure to bolster our storage and data management solutions. NetApp's focus on advanced data services and cloud operations complements our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients.



As a Redstor partner, iOCO harnesses their advanced cloud data management and backup technologies to enhance our data protection and recovery services. Redstor's specialised approach in data backup and AI-driven malware detection specifically strengthens our ability to safeguard and manage client data effectively.



As a partner with Sonatype, iOCO enhances our capabilities in software supply chain management. We leverage Sonatype's expertise to improve the security and efficiency of our software development processes, aligning with their focus on secure and streamlined software supply chain solutions.



As a Gold Partner with WithSecure, we are able to leverage WithSecure's expertise in areas like endpoint protection, cloud security, and incident response. WithSecure's commitment to cybersecurity innovation strengthens our ability to deliver robust and secure technology solutions, enhancing our clients' digital security posture.