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VMware Cloud Foundation

Leverage the power of VMware's Cloud Foundation with iOCO, a VMware by Broadcom Premier Partner with deep expertise in cloud infrastructure and VMware.

Our advanced cloud management platform is backed by a proven track record in both multi-tenant and private cloud management. Enhanced with strong EMEA support, we ensure your VMware workloads are modernized, protected, and optimized for peak performance, security, and cost-efficiency. Embrace our seamless hybrid cloud deployment and robust cloud automation capabilities to elevate your business operations.

VMware Cloud Foundation

24/7 access and expert guidance

Gain frictionless support for your VCSP services, anytime, anywhere, through our intuitive iOCO 24/7 Service Portal. Backed by our team of highly trained specialists, the portal empowers you with:

  • Centralised Support Hub: Manage all your support requests with ease through a single, branded platform.
  • Seamless Ticketing: Log, track, and manage your tickets from creation to resolution. Our system includes classification, assignment, escalation, closure, and comprehensive reporting to ensure efficient issue handling.
  • Multiple Communication Channels: Choose your preferred method for submitting requests - email, chat, or the self-service web portal.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with timely SMS and email alerts on the status of your tickets.

VMware software expertise

Our on-demand engineering support, accessible through the service portal, addresses your specific VMware software needs as outlined in the support responsibility matrix.  For any infrastructure or network support requirements, consider our premium support service.

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VMware Cloud Foundation features

VMware Cloud Foundation delivers a comprehensive platform for building and managing a robust hybrid cloud environment. iOCO's expertise helps you leverage the full potential of this powerful solution, empowering you to enjoy some of their standout features:

VCF Licensing

VCF is VMware's new solution for customers looking to capture the value of full stack infrastructure, including vSAN and NSX with the full Aria management and orchestration suite. The primary licensing model for VCF is based on a per-core subscription license. This model ensures that customers receive a consistent hybrid cloud experience, simplifying their financial planning and enhancing their ability to scale services as needed. 

Included services

Core Pricing
16 cores per CPU minimum
vSphere (includes TKG, vCentre)
vSAN Storage
Measured per TiB (1TiB included)
NSX Networking / HCX / AON
Aria Suite Enterprise
SDDC Manager
Single-tenant uses dedicated hosts
Commitment Term
3 or 5 years
Licence Support
Level 1 to Level 3
Cloud Director
Cloud Director Availability
Cloud Director plugins and extensions
Usage Meter

Premium add-ons

On-demand Engineering Support
vSAN per TiB
Site Recovery Manager
Firewall with ATP
Gateway Firewall
AVI Load Balancer
Tanzu Mission Control Self-Managed

Ready to unlock the potential of hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation?

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