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Data and Analytics

We have a reputation for helping our customers turn data into information in a way that boosts revenue, increases efficiencies and delivers world-class service. Below are a few of the features and benefits we can offer you as a partner in your data and analytics journey:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Enable more accurate predictions, minimise time spent on repetitive work like data collection and cleansing, and empower your organisation to act on data-driven insights.

Data governance and regulation

A global trend gaining traction, meaning organisations need to ensure compliance with data regulations and that they have proper data governance policies in place.

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Empower your business to harness the power of data without the overheads, eliminating the need for intricate data science operations while ensuring cost-effective and efficient data management.

Key benefits

Designing a data ecosystem that supports business strategy.

We ensure that there is a data ecosystem designed that supports your business strategy and objectives. We also monitor and measure how you are performing against those strategies.

Operating Model
Key Metrics

Self-managed access to your data.

Whether it be physical data structures or virtual, real-time or batch processing, we ensure that metadata and a glossary of terms are defined upfront and evolve with the organisation.

We also build data lakes and warehouse or more modern cloud technologies, as well as ways of working. This includes data virtualisation, business glossary and caching.

Data Virtualisation
Business Glossary

Designing for diverse use cases, scale and hybrid cloud strategy.

This entails:

  • Designing with the end state in mind;
  • Modern architectures, as businesses make the shift into the cloud;
  • Looking at hybrid cloud and microservices to perform a lot of the data integration; and
  • Anything as a Service (SaaS).
We have a strategy around building DaaS, which is a way of providing an already pre-build and configured platform. All the client needs to do is bring their data. Services include data-at-rest, data movement and security.
Data Movement

Data science use case development and environment to support models in production.

This ranges from traditional Bl reporting to analytics. We also look at predictive and prescriptive analytics which shifts you into the Next Best Action. It also include Data Science competency with Al and machine learning skills and capability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Machine Learning

Reporting on where data came from and how it's being used.

It is very important in an age of data protection to know where your data resides and how it is secured. We look at data lineage,
security, metadata, data quality, MDM and document management.


Developing the talent pipeline.

This forms a large part of our culture and who we are. Developing a pipeline of talent by building our own skills through internships and graduate programs, as well as enabling our clients to better understand their level of maturity within the organisation.

This is achieved by data literacy assessments and training. Furthermore, it includes SQL and agile training as well as data literacy.

Graduate program
Training (SQL, Agile)
Data literacy
Spanning OEM and Open Source

Technology Landscape