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API Simulation

In today's interconnected digital environment, APIs are the linchpins of software communication. iOCO brings you Hoverfly Cloud, an API simulation platform that simplifies the way businesses simulate and test APIs, providing a robust, cost-effective, and scalable platform that ensures your software delivery is faster and more reliable.

Simple. Powerful. Cost-effective.

Hoverfly Cloud

Hoverfly Cloud is an advanced, lightweight hosted API simulation platform that forms a part of iOCO's suite of digital transformation tools. It's designed to enable parallel development, early functional testing, scalable performance testing, and to reduce reliance on complex test environments. This simplifies the testing process, decreases costs, and accelerates quality assurance for software development teams.

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Core features and benefits

Accelerated development cycle

Hoverfly Cloud enables teams to develop and test concurrently, even when external systems are not accessible. This results in reduced waiting times and more efficient use of development resources.

Cost reduction

By simplifying the testing environment, Hoverfly Cloud reduces the need for extensive hardware, software licenses, and maintenance costs typically associated with complex test infrastructures.

Enhanced testing quality

With Hoverfly Cloud, testing can commence earlier in the development process, allowing for more thorough quality checks without the need for a complete final system.


Designed to handle varying scales of testing requirements, Hoverfly Cloud efficiently manages both small-scale tests and extensive, high-load scenarios.

Simplicity and ease of use

The platform is user-friendly, allowing for quick setup and integration into existing workflows, making API simulations and mockups straightforward.


Use cases

A selection of case areas highlight the flexibility of Hoverfly Cloud in streamlining various aspects of software development and testing, emphasising its role in enhancing efficiency, reliability, and overall quality of software products.

Functional testing: Facilitates comprehensive testing of application functionalities by simulating APIs, reducing dependencies on live systems.

Error and failure simulation: Enables the simulation of various API failure scenarios, essential for understanding application robustness.

Rapid development and DevOps: Supports quick iterations in development, particularly useful in DevOps for continuous innovation.

CI/CD pipelines: Integrates with continuous integration and deployment processes, ensuring consistent and thorough API testing at every stage.

Load and stress testing: Assesses system behavior under high loads, providing insights into performance bottlenecks and scalability needs.

Microservice architecture: Particularly beneficial for testing in microservice environments, allowing for independent and combined service testing.

iOCO is dedicated to empowering businesses with tools that are not only powerful but also economical. 

Embrace the future of API simulation with Hoverfly Cloud by iOCO. Experience the simplicity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of our platform, and see how it can transform your API simulation processes.