iOCO's Integrated Solutions

Sustainable IT

At iOCO, we recognise that sustainability has risen to the forefront of business strategies. CEOs now rank ecological responsibility among their top priorities. There's a palpable pressure from stakeholders for businesses to step up their sustainability game. Our business is no different, and with adaptability at the forefront of our work ethos, we have developed solutions that align environmental considerations with efficiency and growth.

Data growth and its impact

The digital universe is expanding at a staggering pace, with data volume projected to burgeon from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to a colossal 1,000 zettabytes by 2030. Yet, a startling 68% of this data remains untouched post-creation, leading to an unnecessary carbon footprint that eclipses the entire airline industry.

The approach

A roadmap to sustainability

Take stock. Make sense.

Step 1: Assessment and Strategy

Assess Your Current IT Resources:
Review and understand your existing IT infrastructure to identify areas for improvement.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy:
Evaluate your current approach to the cloud and pinpoint opportunities for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Data Comprehension:
Gain insights into your data's lifecycle, from creation to archival or deletion.

Take stock. Make sense.
Targeted action

Step 2: Implementation and Optimisation

IT Resources:
  • Streamline on-premises storage.
  • Modernise workflows and applications.
  • Enhance resource utilisation.
  • Curtail compute, storage, and network resource consumption.
  • Boost server utilisation rates.
Hybrid Cloud:
  • Initiate migration projects.
  • Partner with energy-efficient hyperscalers.
  • Simplify and automate data and storage operations.
  • Develop cloud-native solutions.
  • Prioritise sustainability in data location.
  • Systematically catalogue and classify your data.
  • Tier infrequently accessed data.
  • Establish a sound data retention policy.
Targeted action

Strategic partnerships for integrated solutions

Our partnerships with cloud and data management providers are strengthened by our capacity to integrate their varied solutions into a singular, cohesive system. iOCO harnesses decades of experience, deep-seated expertise, and insightful industry wisdom to merge these technologies, creating tailored solutions that align with your unique business objectives and sustainability ambitions.