iOCO joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program

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Jan 31, 2024

Our new partner status together with the announcement of Google's new Cloud Region in Johannesburg, means iOCO is more able than ever before, to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions right when and where they're needed most.

We are pleased to announce that we have joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a Google Cloud and Google Workspace Partner for the Sell and Service Engagement Models. This alliance is set to bolster cloud computing for businesses across Africa, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, by leveraging Google Cloud's expertise in AI-driven cloud transformation and best-in-class cloud infrastructure, data, security, and productivity and collaboration solutions.

A partnership built on excellence and innovation

"The core purpose of iOCO has always been to solve problems in a way that is exponential, courageous, and collaborative. This partnership with Google Cloud is not just an extension of our services, but a clear demonstration of our commitment to excellence and innovation," says Richard Vester, Managing Executive, iOCO Hyperscale Practice. "We're setting new standards for what can be accomplished in cloud computing and AI transformation, by bringing the power and innovation of Google Cloud closer to our customers."

iOCO with Google Cloud: enabling cloud success

iOCO stands out for its ability to adapt as required by seamlessly connecting and accessing the global hyperscale expertise of teams across Africa, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. "We don't just offer cloud solutions; we offer a unified platform where businesses can transform and innovate," remarks Eamonn Stuttaford, iOCO Business Unit Head for Google Cloud. "Google Cloud’s customer-friendly business model and cutting-edge technology contribute to making this alliance a win-win for businesses," he notes.

Global aspirations

iOCO is committed to global expansion with a focus on local relevance and impact. "The timing of this partnership, coupled with Google Cloud's new cloud region in Johannesburg, is bound to  accelerate digital transformation in businesses across all industries, especially in sectors like banking that prefer local physical data hubs for uncompromised data safety," notes Vester.  He adds that iOCO is looking forward to collaborating with businesses that want to remain relevant and grow their businesses by taking advantage of iOCO’s leading cloud solutions.

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